Aarp online dating scams

22-Dec-2016 15:32

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No matter how happy and confident we singles feel about ourselves and dating, there’s a part inside that leaves us all feeling vulnerable.

One of my more serious concerns is being bamboozled.

Human scammers and bots — short for online robots, though it’s actually software pretending to be human — lurk on dating sites searching for unsuspecting romantics. Army said his dad was from South Africa and his “Mum” from England.

I am committed to not being victimized, and you owe the same to yourself. 1 A gorgeous northern Italian widower with two young children who believes distance should not be an obstacle to true love. His wife and year-old daughter died in a car crash; soon after, his mom and dad died, too.

My grandaughter paid for a six months membership as a gift to me. Most possible matches are in not so nearby metro areas. But in order to proceed I would have to pay for a "subscription".

If anyone has an idea of how to get AARP or "How about we " to pay attention to our very real concerns, I'd be happy to help in the effort. The format provides little information of value to get a good overall profile. A couple of them looked interesting again I followed the next step.

The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center reported in 2013 that people 50 and older are the most common victims, and the most lucrative for romance scammers. Petition online dating sites to help stop scammers » I thought at least three scammers or bots contacted me, though one turned out to be legitimate. Red Flag This man had professional photos, which can be stolen from modeling websites, and as nice as northern Italy sounds, he is geographically undesirable for a Floridian. Red Flag Some of the biggest scams occur from information and photos hijacked from soldiers’ Facebook pages, blogs and official military websites complemented by a sappy sob story. 3 A doctor told me I’m “the prettiest woman on this entire site” and boasted of his home in Costa Rica, his condo in Vail and his convertible sports car.

This was the last attempt at internet dating for me. I have only been part of this AARP sanctioned dating site for a month or so but it is without a doubt the worst and most customer-unfriendly and expensive online service anyone could imagine, as these many previous reviews suggest.

You can never contact anyone on authority by phone. No one at AARP knows anything about this inept program or website. The NY phone number, 718-666-3720, for HOWABOUTWE is not valid. HOWABOUTWE website is all about FAQ......don't waste your money or time One would think that this dating site would encompass many upscale, outstanding, AARP members looking for the opportunity to meet others for dating, companionship, possible relationships, even marriage or re-marriage.

Doctoral delusion Thirty-seven percent of scam profiles say they have a graduate degree and 54 percent say they have doctorates.… continue reading »

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