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Ottoman Empire "entrusts to Germany, Austria, France, U. 1877) Aug 1858 - May 1859 Aziz Pasha May 1859 - 1861 Taib Pasha Jun 1861 - Jun 1866 Tepdenlizade Ismail Rahmi Pasha 1863 1866 Hasan Tahsin Pasha Sep 1866 - Jun 1867 Tunuslu Ibrahim Edhem Pasha (b. 1893) Jun 1867 incorporated into Sep 1839 - Feb 1840 Mehmed Hasib Pasha (d. 1843) Oct 1843 - Sep 1845 Grc Mehmed Vasif Pasha (d.

K., Italy, and Russia the task of determining the title to all of the Ottoman islands in the Aegean Sea (except Crete) and to the peninsula of Mount Athos" by the Treaty of London (not ratified) Treaty of Svres (not ratified) confirms Greece's sovereignty over the territory of Mount Athos and 'the persons therein' (formally confirmed by the Treaty of Lausanne , effective ). 1694) "il Peloponnesiaco" - Dec 1687 Nicol Corner Venetian General Superintendents of the Morea (Provveditori Generali in Morea; in Nauplion) - Girolamo (Jacopo) Corner (b. 1690) - Antonio Zeno - Dec 1694 Marino Michiel (b. 1695) - Apr 1695 Alessandro Molin - Dec 1696 Agostino Sagredo - Nov 1697 Paolo Nani - Jul 1700 Francesco Grimani - Sep 1702 Giacomo (Jacopo) da Mosto - Mar 1705 Antonio Nani - Dec 1707 Angelo Emo (b. 1750) - Dec 1710 Marco Loredano - Dec 1713 Antonio Loredano (b. 1865) Sep 1845 - Apr 1846 Gmrkc Mehmed Salih Pasha Apr 1846 - May 1847 Kara Osmanzade Yaqub Pasha May 1847 - Sep 1848 Dede Mustafa Hifzi Pasha (d.

- Dec 1246 (Latin) Kingdom of Thessalonica (at Salonika). 1987) NSDAP German Military Commander (of 12th Army) - Wilhelm Sigmund List (b. 1971) German Military Commanders of Salonika-Aegean (Saloniki-gis)(in erdzhikov (acting) Mil - Stefan Rachev Klechkov (b. 1945) Non-party British General Officers Commanding III Corps and Commander Land Forces Greece [ - , H. Land Forces and Military Liaison (Greece); from , H. Land Forces (Greece)] - Feb 1946 Sir Ronald Mac Kenzie Scobie (b. Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece is elected in revolt for Continental Greece, then part of the Aegaean province.

Athens captured by the Ottomans (the Acropolis is finally occupied in Jun 1458). 1460/1470 Achaea, the Peloponnese, and Euboea part of Elayet of Djeza'ir-i Bahr-i Sefid ("Islands of the White Sea" or "Archipelago"). National Assembly convened, superseding the three regional bodies; on a provisional constitution is adopted, regional bodies are abolished on (see Greece above).

Battle of Lepanto, Ottomans defeated by the Holy League (incl. 1661 Peloponnese separated from Rumelia (see Bulgaria) as Revolution launched in Mni (Mani) by "Petrobey", Turkish forces soon limited to nine fortresses, Greeks controlling countryside ( OS). 1948) German Plenipotentiaries (in Athens) - Gnther Altenburg (b. Greek independence proclaimed.1307 - 1309 Monasteries are repeatedly sacked by Catalan Company mercenaries. 1568 - 1569 Monks manage to survive empire-wide confiscations of Christian Church property by buying back the confiscated property with help from leaders of Moldavia and Wallachia and moneylenders in Thessalonki.

ben mackenzie dating-34

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22 Jun 168 BC Roman Republic defeats and annexes Macedonia.

338 BC - 197 BC Subjugated by Macedonia (under Alexander III "the [Alxandros ho Mgas] 336 BC - Jun 323 BC) 338 BC - 322 BC Hellenic League (League of Corinth), a federation of Greek states under Macedonia.

290 BC 189 BC League of the Aetolians, confederation of Greek city-states in Aetolia in opposition to Macedonia and to the Achaean League.

Despots of Epirus 1204 - 1215 Michal I "Komnins Dokas" (d. c.1253) (Emperor from 1225) 1230 - 1268 Michal II "Komnins Dokas" (d.

's biennial Top 100 Courses in the World Rankings are determined by a 100-strong international panel whose members include major-championship winners, architects, journalists and a cadre of connoisseurs who have played all of the world's top 100 courses.

Aug/Sep 490 BC Battle of Marathon (Marath460 BC - 445 BC (First) Peloponnesian War between Sparta as the leaders of the Peloponnesian League and Sparta's other allies, most notably Thebes, and the Delian League led by Athens with support from Argos.