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There has been much speculation about where Cana might have been.In his Gospel, the author makes no claim to have been at the wedding.This site, whose name means "the spring of Cana" is located about a mile north of Nazareth. um guia com informação rápida, acessível e divertida.There is a minority view that the gospel was written for a gentile audience, and those who take this view assert that the description in the passage about the marriage at Cana of "six stone water jars there for the Jewish rites of purification" is specifically for a gentile audience, who would not know the topography of the Holy Land.On this hypothesis the name "Cana" might have some purely symbolic significance.

It also has long been identified as the true location of New Testament Cana.

The other biblical references to Cana are also in John: John , which mentions that Jesus is visiting Cana when he is asked to heal the son of a royal official at Capernaum; and John 21:2, where it is mentioned that Nathanael (sometimes identified with the Bartholomew included in the synoptic gospels' lists of apostles) comes from Cana.

The Book of Joshua mentions one city () and one brook (16:8; 17:9) named Cana – neither is likely to be the Cana of Galilee.

quadras, cinemas, piscinas, kids club, recreação para todas as idades e muito welland canal is an amazing site to see.

after being greeted by the ship's blast, take the tour of the canal's eight locks. learn a bit about the canal's history and significance.The excavation revealed evidence of a substantial Roman village with a Jewish population which declined considerably in the Late Roman period, and which was finally abandoned in the Byzantine Period, explaining why the pilgrim route was shifted to Kafr Kanna.