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13-Oct-2016 09:48

In episode two, “Hot Girls Wanted: Love Me Tinder”, Netflix follows ex-Big Brother contestant and TV show host James Rhine, looking at how the internet and his use of online dating apps like Tinder have impacted on his relationships.According to the show, which was created by Ronna Gradus, Jill Bauer and Rashida Jones, 20% of adults are using dating apps and sites, and one in four people say that using dating apps offers them too much choice.That conversation spurs a string of revelations for Rhine, and he later grapples with his bad behavior; during one of these scenes, he shows the filmmakers a notebook containing a list of women he’s slept with.

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At first, he’s a classic Tinder jerk, flitting in and out of women’s lives with limited regard for their emotions, though he’s highly attuned to his own.“I would sit down and talk to the producers, and they would talk to me in that matriarchal way where their tone was like, ‘You know what you're doing is wrong.’” In fact, he said that because of what he learned in the documentary, he recently broke up with a woman he’d been seeing in a face-to-face conversation: “I finally acted like an adult.” Each episode of Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On depicts the pitfalls, compulsions, threats, and unexpected tenderness of love and sex in the digital age.Four of the six episodes examine different genres of online porn, and every installment explores the intimacy — sexual or otherwise — that internet users perform for strangers online.During the shoot, when the filmmakers press Rhine on why he starts ignoring women instead of directly telling them that he’s no longer interested, he admits, “I just don’t want to deal with their feelings.”It’s enough to raise the hackles of any woman who’s ever known a thoughtless man.

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But the co-creators of the Netflix series — Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus — said that wasn’t their intention: Rather, they’re trying to tell the guy’s side of the story. “He's trapped in this thing that he's created for himself.Midway through the Tinder episode of the docuseries Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, then-40-year-old James Rhine tells his friends that a woman he sort of ghosted sent him an angry text message.

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