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13-Jan-2017 14:10

We're not sure Google did this (well maybe Google doesn't really want you deleting your email, that would make sense from a business standpoint), but here's how to fix it. Right now, it's set to "Show archive only" - and at this point you probably don't need much more of my help, but I'll explain anyway.Tap it, and you get three options - archive only, delete only, and archive & delete.

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Sadly the upgrade doesn’t extend to sending bigger attachments, with that limit still capped at 25MB for now.

However documents, spreadsheets and presentations are limited, with the former capped at 50MB, and the latter only allowing transitions up to 100MB."Sending and receiving attachments is an important part of email exchanges," Google wrote in an official blog post.

The feature is already rolling out now to Gmail users, and should be present within the next 3 days.

Gmail also became the first application in the Google Play Store to top one billion installations on Android devices, back in May 2014.

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Integrated Gmail email client is a great built-in application for email lovers on Android OS.Recently on my phone Gmail stopped receiving new emails and giving automatic new email notifications.