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I have a stake in productive businesses that will keep handing me back a share of their earnings for years to come.

And if I keep reinvesting those dividends, then the compounding effect of owning those money pumps will have a dramatic impact on my returns over the long term.

I’ve decided the main UK brokers fall into three main camps.

These are: Choosing the right broker needn’t be any more painful than ensuring it offers the investments you want and then running a few numbers on your portfolio.

Eating a bag of rusty water would have been more fun, but it would not have produced a quick and easy overview of all the main execution-only investment services.

Fund supermarkets, platforms, discount brokers, call ’em what you will – we’ve stripped ’em down to their undies for you to eyeball over a cup of tea and your favourite tranquilizers. There are too many subtle differences in the offers.

Monevator is a simply spiffing blog about making, saving, and investing money.

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They seek kicks like accountants who go planking on police cars at the weekends.

It’s especially tough when all your holdings are in accumulation funds that are seemingly going nowhere.