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The jewels Huggins allegedly promised were blood diamonds, which originate from war zones and are sold on the black market to fund warlords and rebels in Africa’s ­devastating conflicts.

Instead of mining for the riches, Huggins and two accomplices pocketed most of the money or used it to pay earlier investors in a scheme that ran from 2008 to 2011, according to the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office.

The second article, published June 28, 1993, stated that speaking out about the abuse she had endured from her husband had "changed everything" for Moore.

She accepted an invitation to address the annual convention of 100 Black Men in Atlanta, at which she told the audience, "'I find myself among an epidemic number of women and children who are victims of the black–on–black crime of economic spousal abuse.

Nevertheless, Moore said she was left with an inadequate settlement engineered through plaintiff's manipulation of their financial affairs.

Even then, Huggins had only paid a fraction of the settlement, all of which went to defray bills and legal fees.

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Now Moore, who says she was tortured by Huggins for decades, is rushing to his side.The feds said Huggins used the money to fund a record label and other ventures.“The promise of riches mined in Africa was fool’s gold that [Huggins] allegedly dangled in front of investors in what was nothing more than a scam,” Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara said shortly after Huggins’ arrest.* * * I find myself compelled to speak out in earnest against the economic bondage, competitiveness, suppression, repression, oppression and physical, psychological and verbal abuse.'" The articledescribed Moore's plans to continue speaking out by "bring[ing] the issues before Congress to gain support for the Battered Women's Advocacy Organization." On July 9, 1993, one day after Moore had obtained an ex parte Temporary Order of Protection against plaintiff in Family Court, the third article appeared.

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It reported that Moore had "gotten another order of protection against Huggins, who, she's told us and a judge, was physically abusive to her." Moore also claimed that Plaintiff continued to subject her to verbal and economic abuse and to do everything he could to ruin her career.“Charles took everything, but I had to start all over again, and I did,” Moore said.

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