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The Indiana State Capitol, located in Indianapolis, is one of only a handful of state government buildings in the nation where all three branches of the government operate.The building, completed in 1888, features a stunning stained glass rotunda window made from German glass.Young (and young-at-heart) visitors to Indiana will find the world's largest children's museum in the state capital.

Funky and eclectic Fountain Square, a neighborhood located just southeast of downtown Indy, is a one-stop destination for antique shopping, art galleries, live music and one-of-a-kind shopping.The Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres, housed within a round barn from 1911, is home to a professional theater company who perform musicals from Broadway's golden age. Indiana is a little bit of everything: rural (Amish country) and cosmopolitan (Indianapolis), serene (Tibetan temples) and fast-paced (the Indy 500). See more photos of scenic states: ALASKA Alaska, the 49th state of the Union as well as the largest and most sparsely populated, is a land where Mother Nature reigns, and natural wonders can be found around every turn. The landscape surrounding Serpentine Hot Springs inside Alaska's Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is dotted with giant granite tors.